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Foreword about Farag Kamel Abo-Elyousr Mostafa, Associate Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, Egypt

Dear readers,

Currently, I'm concentrating on small-scale energy collection, clean energy conversion, and the use of solar, wind, sea water waves and other renewable energies. Clean water and its scarcity are issues for global sustainable development. My motivation for concentrating on renewable energy comes from both the increasing random nature of energy consumption on the one hand and environmental concerns on the other. Additionally, I am interested in several small-scale energy management technologies that take use of clean and renewable energy sources. Electric vehicles and their stochastic aspect and the decision making either to charge or discharge in accordance with the demand response are among the topics of my interest. The ability to generate the required power remotely for operating devices such as water pumping irrigation systems at various operational situations, climatic conditions, and positions is a crucial feature of the new technological world, and it heavily depends on the quality and availability of an electrical energy generation system integrated into various small-scale smart meters.

Based on the levelized cost of energy, green hydrogen and electric vehicle batteries are two of the most potential candidates for this job since they work well in a variety of environments and even on flexible materials. In addition to the potential for producing electrical energy, such energy consumers and/or generators can be utilized as a tool to encourage individuals to actively contribute to governmental development rather than burden it. Electric vehicles and photovoltaics are excellent candidates for integration into small-scale energy systems, which calls for microgrids' distributed energy resources to be scheduled as efficiently as possible. In the future, I might focus on enhancing power system security as well as integrating stochastic loads such as electric vehicles into the power systems.


Table of Contents

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Fault Detection and Classification in Interconnected System with Wind Generation Using ANN and SVM flash_logo_35
225 - 239
Super-twisting Sliding Mode Control for a Multifunctional Double Stage Grid-connected Photovoltaic System flash_logo_35
240 - 249
Backstepping Control of a Switched Reluctance Motor with Inter-Turn Short-Circuit flash_logo_35
250 - 259
Use of Chaotic Oscillations for Precoding and Synchronization in OFDM flash_logo_35
260 - 271
Neoteric Design Power Sustained 3-Bit Asynchronous Counter Using CNFET Based MCML Topology flash_logo_35
272 - 284
Design and Performance Analysis of High-Performance Low Power Voltage Mode Sense Amplifier for Static RAM flash_logo_35
285 - 293
Low-Power Phase Frequency Detector Using Hybrid AVLS and LECTOR Techniques for Low-Power PLL flash_logo_35
294 - 303
Electronically and Independently Controllable Quadrature Sinusoidal Oscillator with Low Output Impedances flash_logo_35
304 - 313
Adaptive Filtering of Accelerometer and Electromyography Signals Using Extended Kalman Filter for Chewing Muscle Activities flash_logo_35
314 - 323

Computer Science and Information Technology

30 Years of Video Coding Evolution - What Can We Learn from it in Terms of QoE? flash_logo_35
324 - 335